What makes our product different to others?

Over 10 years of experience, development and refinement means we are confident that Heavy Duty Trellis is built tough enough to withstand virtually everything that New Zealand can throw at it.

Central Otago experiences some of the coldest winters, and hottest summer peak temperatures in the country. With temperature variations of between -12 c and in excess of 37 c, our own backyard has proven to be an excellent proving ground.

Our customer base also extends out to coastal communities, where high winds, rain and salty air can also provide challenges to outdoor timber landscaping products.

Strong, thick framing (70mm x 45mm).

Batten (42mm x 12mm) with rounded edges to reduce warping and splitting.



All frame corners and trellis securing points are screwed together. Frame corners now have dowel pins for extra strength and stability.


Our  timber is H3 treated No 2 clears, pine* all locally sourced, in natural finish (standard). Can be supplied pre-stained or painted to order. 

*Other timber can be supplied to order


High quality stainless screws are used throughout our products to provide maximum durability in the wet, and rust resistance in salty air environments. 

Louvred trellis panels are now extremely popular for screening and pergolas. Each louvre is mounted into routed joints for maximum strength.



Our trellis battens are secured with diversion point staples, and in line with our ongoing research and development, stainless steel versions of these staples will be standard across all of our product range from 2016.