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Heavy Duty Trellis is owned by Central Otago businessman Shane Norton and manufactured by Wedgerwood Joinery of Alexandra, one of the largest operations in the Central Otago-Southern Lakes Region.

Experts at their game for more than quarter of a century, Wedgerwood makes products under contract for Heavy Duty Trellis. The skills and expertise of Wedgerwood’s crew of joiners, plus the machinery on offer at its Ngapara St factory, giving us the scale to manufacture and supply orders large and small.

We all know that Kiwis love outdoor living. Our made-to-measure fencing, screening, windbreaks, shade options, gates, archways and pergolas are all designed specifically to enhance your outdoor living experience.

Central Otago demands outdoor gear that can withstand some of the coldest winters and hottest summers the country could throw at them – Heavy Duty Trellis was founded on the principle that if our products can withstand some of the harshest climatic conditions Central Otago can throw at them, they can withstand just about anything.

Customers can be totally confident that this great product is being made by highly skilled trades-people with top quality timber and stainless steel fastenings, and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Heavy Duty Trellis - designed and built to last, at a price that is affordable.


Shane Norton has a long history in sales and marketing, and has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands. He can also be heard on Radio Central between 4 and 7pm most days.


Heavy Duty Trellis Contact-Us.jpg



Heavy Duty Trellis is based in Alexandra, Central Otago, ande we cover virtually everywhere south of the Waitaki, however we have been known to send orders to the North Island.

Remember, Heavy Duty Trellis is made tough - if it can withstand the harsh climatic extremes of Central Otago, it can handle anything other parts of the country can throw at it.

Ours is a quality product, and this is one of the main reasons why we also make and supply trellis panels to fencing and landscaping specialists, as well as  directly to the public. We  design, build, deliver, and if required, organise installation on your site.


General enquiries. Contact us:

Heavy Duty Trellis

Manufactured at:

Wedgerwood Joinery Limited

11 Ngapara Street


Phone: 0275 468 093

Email: enquiries@heavydutytrellis.co.nz

Or if you know exactly what you want, click to ask for an estimate.